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Adelphi Acre Community Garden is the first community garden to be located on a city Right of Way in Texas.

In 2013, a winning concept sketch by NCLD led to a commission to formally design what would become the first community garden of its kind on public right of way in Austin. The completed design respects and highlights the historic importance of community gardening in Austin, and at the same time it breathes fresh life into the area.


The easement is just under an acre, and located between the North Austin neighborhoods of Walnut Crossing and Milwood. The main existing feature of the unused space was the presence of a small grove of trees anchored by four heritage oaks that provide a complete canopy and proved the perfect location for a park-like community gathering area.  This was the jump off point from which the rest of the garden would revolve around. Important garden design features include 75 plots for rental, 3 plots reserved for a local food pantry, a Teaching Garden to educate visitors about sustainability, a toolshed with solar power, a pollinator garden and an orchard. Future features to be installed are an apiary and a greenhouse.


NCLD worked in concert with the gardens steering committee, helping to usher the project through the labyrinth of numerous city agencies that were required to sign off and approve the plan. Ensuring that garden would in no way impact any future development that might need to take place on the site. NCLD served as project manager, helping to assemble and manage a large team of volunteers, contractors, and city engineers to meet the unique challenges of building this garden.

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