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A romantic, grove like escape in North Austin backyard. In this design, NCLD developed a comprehensive master plan for a property on BRIDLEWOOD DRIVE, AUSTIN TX 78727, including front and back yards, both side yards and the pedestrian median strip.
The design scheme addresses:

       · Creating a backyard that evokes a southern charm grove, with a hidden seating alcove, vine covered trellis                archways, tree swing, zen water feature, and winding, crushed granite paths to secluded destinations. Break            up the expanse of the front lawn with new drought tolerant planting beds and as well as planting out the                    sidewalk "hell strip" to discourage unwelcomed "deposits". 

     · Visually screen the rear neighbour's windows, decks, etc. to create an illusion of privacy, as well a mask   
         the noise from the side properties.

     · Survey, assess, and make design recommendations to improve grading around the house for positive 
        drainage [focusing on the incline from the rear of the property towards the house, and on the west/
        driveway side yard].

     · Create interesting, dynamic planting beds which interrupt the expanse in the rear of the property that 
         provide for hands on gardening, as well as screening the storage shed and chicken coop, whilst 
         providing access to/from the farthest edges of the property.

     · Creating a “productive” garden on the east side yard, which may include raised vegetable bed(s), a fruit 
         espalier, and trellis.

     · A complete back porch design that may accommodate cooking, dining and general area for entertaining.

     · Address the front entryway landing pad, making it more safe and accessible. Redesign and unify the 
        front planting beds, with special attention being paid to masking the slab of the house. A plant scheme 
        for both the median and the front portion of the yard to be both visually pleasing as well as discouraging 
       pedestrians from trampling across the grass or leaving pet deposits.

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